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Join us for our next Unconference!

Welcome to the #OpenDataSavesLives Unconference 2: Reproducible Analytical Pipelines. Today we'll be exploring use cases and solutions to delivering RAP across analytical teams. We'll be hearing from some great speakers in the morning session and taking a deep dive into some of the challenges and learning encountered so far. The Goldacre Review set out a series of recommendations to foster more transparent, efficient and safe use of data within the health sector. Reproducible analytical pipelines (RAP) are a set of best practices for delivering such work that ensure analysis pipelines are reliable, reusable and reproducible, promoting open working practices as default and enabling more work to be done at pace.

Working with NHS Digital, the Open Data Task & Finish Group and others, we will be hosting a full-day event in September to explore use cases and practical solutions to the blockers encountered by teams across the NHS, ONS, DHSC and others. The morning will consist of lightning talks to explore how teams have been adopting RAP, and in the afternoon we will use our Unconference approach to identify themes and facilitate helpful discussions in a workshop and surgery.

This hub page will be the source of all things RAP over the coming weeks leading up to the event so keep an eye out for news and updates. We will be live-streaming the morning session on this hub page, but the whole event will be in-person - don’t forget to register!