Innovation Pathway

Levelling Up Health Inequalities

7-9th March 2022

The next installment of our #OpenDataSavesLives event series builds on the topic of Levelling Up Health Inequalities - unwarranted variation in the quality of healthcare resulting from socio-economic background – and the role that open data can play in answering some difficult questions and starting to balance this inequality.

Working closely with our sponsors over at TPP and NHS SCW, we hosted an event series in which we will take a closer look at the state of play around health inequality across the UK, as well as the importance of appropriate information governance and data infrastructure in supporting research efforts to tackle this issue.

We were thrilled to host a 2-day innovation event at the Open Innovations space here in Leeds on the 7th and 8th March, where through open collaboration we innovated with data to answer some of the key questions around the barriers to receiving equal quality of care. We worked in the open, documenting our learning and sharing data, tools and resources as well as opportunities for people to contribute their ideas and data sources below.