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Health Inequalities

A growing amount of evidence reveals that there are significant differences in the quality of healthcare received by patients on the basis of their ethnic and socio-economic background. Reducing these inequalities is therefore a key priority for the NHS.

Trusts must be able to demonstrate that they are delivering services equitably in their region, and to do this they must perform analysis against key performance and delivery indicators. It is also important to compare performance between regions in the UK, therefore a collaborative approach to sharing knowledge, code and data is needed.

At Open Data Saves Lives, we aim to support these efforts by providing a space to convene and a platform to help others share data, code and to make progress by working in the open.

We will use this space to collate all of the resources, tools and content that we’ve worked on to date. Get in touch with us if you’d like to share your work or contribute to the conversation at, or follow us on Twitter @ODSavesLives.