TPP becomes our first official and confirmed Foundation sponsor

By Ross Facer, Head of Business Support, Beautiful Information

We are delighted to announce today, Thursday 1 July 2021, that TPP becomes our first official and confirmed Foundation sponsor.

TPP is a leading global provider of healthcare technology, dedicated to delivering world class healthcare software in the UK and internationally. We work alongside governments to improve health outcomes, tackle inequalities in care, reduce health service costs, and improve experiences for both patients and clinicians.

We have already worked with TPP on a number of the #OpenDataSavesLives events demonstrating and showcasing their work with OPENSafely.

Watch session 24

Paul Connell, founder, #OpenDataSavesLives said “By providing a unique platform to make an impact and exposure through our brand and expertise, we will be making a significant difference to TPP in terms of its brand, reputation, recruitment, retention, innovation, growth, new product development, data services and reach.”

Matthew Stickland, director of strategy and communications, TPP said “We are delighted to be both sponsoring and working with #OpendataSavesLives and fully support their vision of the power of open data to drive innovation.”

In turn, sponsorship allows us at #OpenDataSavesLives to deliver more events, projects and value for the health community.

Interested in sponsorship and joining us in our radical approach to transparency to improve citizen wellbeing and patient outcomes? Contact