Innovation Amplifier Working Session

By Tazmin Chiles, Data & Innovation Consultant/Delivery Manager, Open Innovations

On Tuesday 11th January, we were pleased to host the first working session as part of some of our upcoming innovation work around Levelling Up Health Inequalities. We met with some of our sponsors, NHS SCW and TPP and friends over at Beautiful Information, to discuss some ideas and set some boundaries around what we want to achieve and the kinds of questions that we want to answer.

Out of this online collaborative working session came a number of important questions around the theme of removing unwarranted variation in quality of healthcare on the basis of cultural and economic background, such as:

  • Do people from a middle-class background receive better access to antiviral treatment?
  • Do people of BAME backgrounds have to wait longer for appointments and to receive treatment?
  • Do people with learning disabilities face longer wait times and reduced access to extended hours GP appointments?

Take a look at our working document from the session and we encourage people to add their thoughts, comments and ideas.

To carry this momentum forward and make a start in answering some of these questions, we are hosting a 2-day Innovation Pathway on the 7th and 8th March at the Open Innovations space here in Leeds. We will bring together more people across health and data, carrying out a piece of innovation work building on the OpenSAFELY tech stack, from the work of Dr Ben Goldacre and the DataLab at the University of Oxford in collaboration with TPP, EMIS and others, as well as exploring information governance and the use of synthetic data in trusted research environments.

We don't know what the output of this event will be before we start - maybe we will develop a prototype to tackle one or a few of these themes, or perhaps we will design and outline a data solution for future development. We will be documenting all of our findings and challenges as we go so keep an eye out for future blog posts. Already we have brought together our sponsors and enabled new opportunities for collaboration, and so on top of this success we are keen to see what comes out of this event.