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Session 38: RAP for Health Inequalities


#OpenDataSavesLives is driving open innovation with data, our aim is to help reduce inequalities by creating for the first time a true network of collaborators and resources in the open.

This session we talked about RAP - Reproducible Analytical Pipelines - for health inequalities analysis. 

Using data to understand health inequalities is a challenge - making this analysis reproducible and comparable between trusts is essential. This time we'll be looking into Reproducible Analytical Pipelines to understand and combat inequalities.


  • Sam Hollings - NHS England - "Reproducible Analytical Pipelines - faster, more efficient analysis - how we're rolling it out in NHS England". View the slides.
  • Molly Broome - Economist, the Resolution Foundation - "Hoping and coping: how the cost of living crisis has affected people's finances and health to date". View the slides.