OpenDataSavesLives: The Unconference

#OpenDataSavesLives held a large-scale Showcase & Unconference on Wednesday 29 September 2021. 

Talks from all the speakers

Session 29: Mental Health Data

10 November 2021

This session will be a discussion around the hot topic of Mental Health Data, focusing largely on NHS Digital's Mental Health Data project.

Watch session 28

08 July 2021

Watch the discussion around the hot topic of GPDPR - a central NHS digital database from GP records in England which is due to launch in July - with Dr Marcus Baw (Health Informatics Group and Locum General Practitioner), Tina Woods (Social Entrepreneur and system architect in Preventative Health, Healthy Longevity and Open Health Data/AI), Dr Osman Bhatti (GPDPR) and Phil Booth (medConfidential).