Watch Session 18

05 November 2020

Richard Vickery from Kent Police, Chris Farmer from Kent University and Chris Beesley from Nottinghamshire NHS

Watch Session 17

08 October 2020

Featuring Jeni Tennison, Lesley-Anne Kelly, and Stuart Lowe.

Watch Session 16

24 September 2020

Featuring Tom Riordan, Dr Chris Bates and Alistair Bullward

Watch Session 15

10 September 2020

Focused on data and dashboards, with a demonstration of the ODI Leeds West Yorkshire COVID dashboard. Featuring: Stephen Mortimer-Lock and Stuart Lowe - ODI Leeds

Watch Session 14

27 August 2020

Watch session 14. Speakers: Anna Powell-Smith - The Centre for Public Data, Tom White - freelance developer, data enthusiast,and  Henry Partridge - The Trafford Data Lab

Watch Session 13

06 August 2020

Watch session 13, Featuring: Hannah Thompson, Graham Hyde and Jared Keller

Watch Session 11

18 June 2020

The theme for this session was all about tools and other resources developed during (and for) the pandemic, featuring Beautiful Information, the Open Data Institute, and MadeTech.

Watch Session 10

11 June 2020

Focused on 'local data for local people' and why it is needed to help drive local recovery. Featuring Peter Wells and Prof Amar Rudhin