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ODSL is being created to drive open innovation with data. Our aim is to  help reduce health inequalities by creating, for the first time, a true network of collaborators and resources in the open. 

We will be radical in our approach - and hold ourselves to account.

We have set the following four pledges:

Pledge 1


All data that gets requested by government should be shared with the people that sent it so that they can use it for planning and research.

Pledge 2


Provide a robust argument against the loose language put up as ‘privacy concerns’. Build on the strength of the Covid COPI notices.

Pledge 3


Break down traditional models of data ownership, use the web to communicate, share and innovate together.

Pledge 4


Encourage people to put their data in a safe place to learn from others health statistics and inform research.


Open Innovations is a commercial not-for-profit that campaigns for the web to be used as it was intended, to create networks and share data and learning openly.

Beautiful Information is the first public private collaboration of it’s kind. Recognised by Nesta as one of the most radically social organisations of it’s time, it delivers advice and support to the NHS.

ODSL will be set up as a commercial not for profit with members. Others are free to join.

We will publish all our research and tools, and the workings of this new organisation, on the web.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic #OpenDataSavesLives has delivered regular webinars and a significant library of research and resources, all available freely to use.

New datasets have been built and shared, breaking down the bureaucracy of central government in releasing data for good.

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