Beautiful Information and Open Innovations (formerly ODI Leeds) have come together to develop a new type of organisation: OpenDataSavesLives. The aim of this new organisation is to support the NHS in making more evidence based decisions by sharing data, sharing code and sharing learning. We will take a radical approach to transparency to improve citizen wellbeing and patient outcomes.

In terms of background, during the summer of 2019, the team at Open Innovations spent some time thinking about an open strategy for the future. Over the previous 5 years, Open Innovations worked on a multitude of projects across various sectors, including transport, the environment, education, Internet-Of-Things, and health. Certain themes would appear time and again, so these became the foundation for thinking about the future focus of Open Innovations.

One of those themes for example became #OpenGovTech (launched in September 2019). #OpenDataSavesLives is another theme that frequently appeared across the projects at Open Innovations.

As part of the future strategy, Open Innovations wanted to use radical collaboration methods and an open approach to innovation within health and social care (and related sectors and communities) that could create a surplus of value that anyone could access.

Collaboration with Beautiful Information, NHS Digital and the Health Foundation helped develop a momentum behind #OpenDataSavesLives that has led to the establishment of a new organisation.

In a similar sentiment to #OpenGovTech, we don't want to 'own' #OpenDataSavesLives. It isn't something that anyone should own. It is something that everyone can and should participate in, with no barriers to access.

So how are we going to do that? What can we do about it? Take a look at our pledges and events to find out.


We measure how we are doing on our open dashboard.